Friday, 9 March 2012


Couldn't go past this little number...quite litereally! This lovely fluro pink mini skirt by Bardot caught my eye and I grabbed it quick-snap! It is a pretty recent season and will go quite nicely with the festival scene...all the rage at the moment! It ticks all the boxes...its bright... its fun... its Hot To Trot!

It features the sought after CC pockets...gorgeous! Bardot denim is always really good quality, it is designed to fade giving all their garmens an authentic look. Same same for this one, it has started its fading process and looks awsome! I really love the wear, gives a vintage kind of look...what you want for festivlas. Some peep toe booties would go great or some casual knee high flat boots! As for matching tops... usually cropped tops are the go...something of a contrasting colour and 'florally' im thinking a vintage blue colour crop with bold florals, team that with some chunky accessories, your best shades and you've got yourself a festival to go to (and of course don't forget plaits through your hair!).

Now get festive!

xoxo melissa.rae

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

gone pickin'

So generally I pick things I love and would actually wear saying that i find it hard to give some of them up! Especially when they're brand new with tags! Remember that place I was telling you about that was practically a gold mine? well I found a diamond in the rough! I always loved 50s style pinup items and same goes for this cami by Kitten! It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, plenty of stretch and a gorgeous tie back which is just figure flattering, as all 50s wear is...

It is white and pink striped, black with white polkadots for straps and around the bust. With a RRP of $79.00 I let out a little squeel in the middle of the shop...not so subtle considering i was the only one in there! I tried this baby on as soon as i got it home...and i liked it! Imagine it paired with a slimming black pencil skirt, BPL heels (thats black patent leather heels) and a nice sleek high pony tail! Yay!

Speaking of BPL is international BPL heel day 1st of April, get it in your calennder and represent pinup style!

If you want something a little more casual get into some mid waisted jeans! There a little more subtle than the high waisted and they look absolutely amazing paired with some cute suede flats! I personally love Bettina Liano "O" jean leggings... They are super stretchy, are a lovely true denim colour... they are pricy brand new but get hunting on e-bay because a pair is sure to pop up for a bargain!

Still embracing the 50s i have this great loose fitting bright coral tee! Snowballing on the casual feel team this this with some tights and flats for a easy fun 50s feel outfit... not to mention super comfy! I'd pair it with some leopard print tights and my fave black suede flats =D

Next time I'll have an amzing 100% silk dress, must check it out for that upcoming special occasion! If you like something don't forget you can buy all my featured clothes, keep my wardrobe from bursting at the seams!

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥

Sunday, 4 March 2012

i've got a temperature!

Jungle fever...yep I've go it. Just another thing that's a little bit out there but totally in at the moment...animal print! Yes! I've had a few little bits and peices stashed away over the last couple of years, one of them a gorgeous cropped blazer in leopard from hasn't seen much of the outside world just yet but now the cooler months are coming i can't wait to wear it with a bright dress and some chunky wedges! I recently come accross this really cute leopard dress in a recycled clothing store...the same store actually that i scored that bright yellow Abercrombie top...that place was like a gold mine! This dress puts a bit of a different and more funky spin on the usual leopard thats around the moment...

Its a nice light pink colour with grey print. The print is really chunky, that's what makes this dress stand out from all the others. A rouched bust and small pleats give this dress a very slimming cut...bonus! Plus adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit! I'd match it with a black cropped blazer and some black peep toe booties for a classy look out on the town... top that with some chunky light pink,black or gold accessories!

If you like animal print but your a little bit scared then opt out for some printed accessories! I have a really cute leopard sequined clutch which adds something to talk about to even a really plain outfit! I've also seen some interesting print jewelery out and about... make your accessories your focal point by mixing up a printed cross necklace and a bold ring, then dressing in basics!

xoxo Melissa Rae

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I can't see you!

Fashion is about being seen right? Well there's bland here and there's plain there... so lets go a little bit ka-pow and add some fluro! I own a really cute pair of fluro pink hot pants, personally...when i bought them I thought they'd be strictly for around the house, but no... i rocked them out at the gym! At the time it was only because my usual plain jane black shorts were in the wash (i must have been on caffiene that week visitng the gym twice in a row!). A little yikes at first being so bright, but all the colour really got me going at the gym and not blending into the equipment was a bit of a confidence boost. So seeing as fluros and brights are in, why not give it ago and get out of drab...dress in colour for a change! I picked an awsome condition Abercrombie & Fitch top out of an overflowing rack in a op-shop right in the centre of town.

Featuring a very figure flattering cut, it will add a bit of boom to anything, even some plain old leggings! Perfect, a top to dress up them leggings but still be comfy (100% cotton and a bit of strecth can never do you wrong!). Why not go out on my limb and go fluro to gym? It will look super cute and sporty teamed with some 3/4 leggings and your best gym kicks!

And if you don't want to get it all sweaty...I remember an outfit i created once, back in my Senior years of highschool. A top, similar cut to this but green, paired it with an adorable high wasited bright blue skirt which i still own... and to top it off i necklace with a fluro pink whistle pendant! And i was scared to go to they gym in fluro pink shorts? =D Anyway i remember getting a huge compliment off the so called 'Queen Bee' saying that she loved my outfit and everything matched so well there you don't have to dress a bright down with something dark to neautralise it, dress it up with something just as bright and get a compliment you'll remember for years!

Dont forget if you see something you like, you can own it! I am listing all my picks on my ebay store up for auction! Just click on the picture and it will take you straight to it!

Now get out there and get fluro, dont forget about them safety benefits ;)

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

first pick picked!

Gorgeous fabric, fab colour... just two ways to describe this lovely piece i selvedged from being pushed to the back of the rack. This 'Forever New' top looked like it had never been worn and it didn't leave my mind until it was in my hands. One things for sure... this was not one of your typical dorky opshop tops, which probably found its way there after being in the back of a moth ball filled closet for 20 years! It was definately something a little special! Now I'd love to pass on this beauiful piece to someone who is going to show it off like it deserves! Please click on the picture and find it in my ebay store!

Classy double layered sheer fabric, a bright but warm dusty pink colour, cute but not 'cutesy' frill detail...enough said! This top will definately dress up any outfit... Imagine it layered over a pair of skinny jeans and some cute flats, or opt for some funky wedges for a H.T.T but not O.T.T outfit for a night out!

Keep watching! You never know when the one for you is going to pop up here, Lots in store this weekend...Abercrombie, Kitten, Lee + more!

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥

and a picker is born...

So has anyone seen that show 'American Pickers'? Well i think my story goes a little like that... For those of you that arn't familiar, it is a show about two grown men who travel the country in search of, well...anything. It involves a lot of rummaging through barns to find anything that others might value. I read somewhere that picking was the male form of op-shopping, I laughed because that is so true!
I could say a recent drag along to an op-shop opened my eyes up to a lot of valuable 'stuff' that was out there to grab. It gave me a light bulb above my head moment... Why don't i become a picker? Why don't I do all the rummaging for those of you who wouldn't be caught dead in an op-shop? Why not? So there it was, a decision... I bought my first find for 20c and the cliche' little old lady at the counter told me to pay her next time when I couldnt find change! So from being a total op-shop-a-phobic, I can safely say I've converted and cannot wait to go into my next op-shop =) Starting on a small scale all the peices I discover will be listed on my online store on ebay yay! Look out for tomorrows post where I will feature my first 'pick' !

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥